Fits 914 Model Years 1970-1974 with ROUND foglights TN2 and TN4 Fixtures.


Includes 2 foglight boards with ALL white LEDs of 5700K temperature, attachment hardware. Board color is BLACK. Fits inside the glass lens/bezel in place of the OEM reflector.


It is assumed that the glass lens gasket is new or like new. If not, please order the 914 LED foglight WITH new 914rubber gasket for extra $10.


Because of the intricate fit of the LED board in the glass lens/bezel, the glass lens/bezel/OEM reflector assemblies must be sent to Spokeworks for assembly.


If desired by the owner, Spokeworks can paint the bezel gloss black.


2x Brighter than standard foglight bulbs. Plug-n-play installation. 9W power dissipation each vs. 35W OEM bulb

914 '70-'74 Round Foglight Boards (pair) w/o New Gasket

  • All products are warranted for 1 year from purchase date. This includes manufacturing defects and component failure.