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911 Front Turnsignal PCB Installation Instructions

The boards are plug-n-play.


  1. The LEDs on this board are assembled at an angle not perpendicular to the board surface. Therefore the LED board must be installed such that the LEDs point towards the front of the car.

  2. Do not handle the LED board by the LEDs. They are held in place with RTV and may dislodge in handling. Push any dislodged LEDs back in place before mounting board.

  3. The LED board will mount inside the lens, not the light cavity.

  4. If configured with white running lights: The running lights can be positioned at the top or the bottom of the lens by swapping the lenses left side to right side.


  1. Cut 2 pieces of masking tape 1 inch in length.

  2. Remove screws from turnsignal lens and pull the lens out. As you pull the lens out, place a piece of masking tape on the top of the lens parallel to the centerline of the car. This will allow you to properly orient the LED boards.

  3. With included 7/64 in. allen head tool, loosen 4 securing clips until the alignment post is flush with the circuit board.

  4. Position LED board in the lens. Work the clips inward to clear the lens sides until the board falls in place. Be patient; the board will fit inside the lens.

  5. Once seated in the lens, use your fingers to position the board evenly side to side.

  6. Tighten the 4 securing screws by screwing each one a turn or 2 at a time, like you would wheel lug nuts, until the screws are taut. Very little pressure is needed on each screw to hold the clips in place. Do not overtighten.

  7. Remove bulb; clean socket contacts and socket sides. LEDs do not draw much current and can be affected by even a small amount of oxidation and dirt on contacts.

  8. Connect the pigtail to the cleaned socket. Test the running lights and turnsignal lights by wiggling the wire; if the LEDs flicker, clean the socket again and repeat this step.

  9. Install the lens + LED board such that the pieces of tape are still in the same direction as you originally positioned them. Remove tape.

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