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This is my '71 914 comparing LED front turnsignal on passenger side with standard bulb on driver side.

This is my '71 914 comparing LED brake PCB on driver side with standard bulb on passenger side.

Example: Front running lights "blank" when turnsignals are active for maximum contrast

My 930 illustrating auto-blanking running lights when front turnsignals are active.

My 914

Standard reverse bulb on passenger side buring 21W of power. Reverse LED board on driver side burning about 3W..

My 930

This video shows the difference in brake and running light intensity of a standard bulb on the passenger side and a brake LED PCB on the driver side. Filming a video looking directly into lights is problematic so this video shows the light footprint as projected on a garage door. The LED light output virtially drowns out the standard bulb output.

My 930

This pic shows how the front turnsignal circuit board fits into the lens. Notice how the LEDs are at an angle to the board. This points the LEDs straight forward for maximum intensity towards the front of the vehicle.

My 930

This is an amber front turnsignal installation. The LEDs are off in this pic. The flash makes them seem on.

My 930

Here's the driver side rear light bucket with LED turnsignal, reverse, and brake PCBs. Below is just LED reverse on the driver side and standard bulb on the passenger side.

Customer: W*d; 1988 911

"I bought the V.1 rear turn signals/running lights. They are great and offer so much more rear light."

This pic shows the expanded taillight footprint of the 911 with turnsignal LED boards doubling as taillights.

Customer: RG; Saturn Yellow 1974 2.0
original owner

"Thank you Spoke for the black front boards....they look great with the Italian lenses."

Customer: C*r; '75 Porsche 914 3.2 six Conversion

"Like this... BRIGHT!"

Customer: w*o; 914 1973 v8

"Just got and installed front LED's .... NICE.

Left from front picture shows LED and right/driver from the front shows stock bulb. Note bottom section of stock is much less bright."

Customer: c*4; 914

"I received mine in the mail yesterday, I was so excited I couldn't wait to get them in the car. Turned out to be one of the easiest things I have fiber on the car for a long time. Thanks for making a great product for us."

Customer: j*7; 73 914 2.7RS

"Fitted these today, took me 15 mins - very simple install and the bayonets were a lot easier to put in than I thought they'd be (see previous ladylike finger comment). Overall, very happy with them. Great job Spoke.

Pictures were taken during the day in my parking garage."



Customer: l*e; 914

"...for a great product...

I installed Spoke's LED kit in the front and rear housings.
It didn't take too long and it was pretty easy to do.
I'd say best upgrade and money well spent on this.

Also thanks to 914rubber for making the seals used to finish sealing these up."

Customer: S*Z; 88' 911 Carrera, Sunroof Coupe. Black

"I ordered up a set of the round brake lights for my 88 911. Arrived today and installed. If this install takes more than 25 minutes you're drinking a lot of beer and that's okay.

I also threw on some brighter LED reverse lights I found online.

Needless to say, I'm VERY happy with these. I feel like everyone else around Scottsdale, AZ is used to the brand new cars ultra bright brake lights and giant cars so I wanted to do anything I could to help be seen in my daily driver!


Running lights. LED on left, original on right, of course."

​"Brake light actuated. It's immensely brighter to the eye, but the camera only captured it a little."

Customer: D*z; 1984 Carrera 3.2

"I got Spoke's front turn signal and ordered the clear lens and gasket from out host. Actually I could have use the old gasket by just cleaning it with soap and water. I found clear side marker lenses on ebay from Rennspeed. I reused the old gaskets and moved the faceted diffusor from the old to the clear. I used an amber LED bulb from superbrightleds.
I am happy with the updated(?) looks."

Customer: C*n; Porsche 911

"Fitted mine today, and although the comparison pic does not show a huge difference I can assure you there is.

Mr Spoke was very accommodating, and posted the LEDs to my hotel when were in Orlando on holiday (saved $$$$ on postage to Australia).

The quality and simplicity of fitment was excellent, recommended and very good value for money!"

Customer: w*1; Porsche 911

"The LED front turn signals arrived today. They are absolutely fantastic! I also own the rear brake lights and couldn't be more happy with Spoke's products.

The boards were well protected during shipping. They came with an extra install clip and the proper hex key.

The build quality is amazing. Installation was extremely simple and straight forward, and took a total of maybe 5 minutes.

The increased light output while maintaining that stock feel is awesome.

I highly recommend these to everyone.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so see below:"

Customer: S*1; '71 Porsche 914

"Finally got around to installing the rear red/yellow bulbs on my '71- look great! And bright!"

"Installed the front LED's on both cars today. The silver car has the clear Italian front lenses with the amber full lights and they look fantastic. The red car has the Euro front lenses with clear bottom and red top. Not sure how Jerry does it but it works both the top and bottom with one plug in rather than the extra bulb and wire with my previous "kit." This is SO much better and works great."

Customer: b*r; Porsche 911

"All that is missing from spoke's package are the rear flashers.
I recently ordered the front position lights/flashers, 3rd brake light, rear brake lights and rear position lights and must say that I'm very happy with what I received and spoke's service.
The only extra I had to do is purchase and install an EP36 relay, which corrected the hyperflashing.
Here's a pic with of the front end with the new position lights/flasher combo."

Customer: b*r; Porsche 911

"Installed the rear turn signal boards and am taking current from the rear position led as you mentioned. Looks great, well thought out and now my whole rear end is lit with LEDs"

Customer: b*r; Porsche 911

"Absolutely love full spokeworks package and how it really makes the car stand out in the evening."

Customer: T*!; Porsche 911

"So after getting Spoke's LED brake lights when he first offered them and then failing to honor his extremely reasonable request to send him a picture, I ordered his rear turn signal and side marker boards. I also planned to replace the tail lights lenses with something a little different. (Yes, I know clear lenses technically aren't legal blah, blah, blah).

For a couple of reasons I ended up also replacing the tail light housings with plastic versions from Sierra Madre, and the new housings weren't equipped to use the side marker lights so I couldn't use Spoke's lights. But the turn signals went in okay and, as expected required a new flasher. But I finally got everything buttoned back up after also replacing the center reflector and am finally providing pictures for Spoke's benefit.

As far as I'm concerned, Spoke is my hero for offering a cost-effective (i.e. no Porsche tax) modern improvement for my car that helps its visibility on the road."

Customer: z*g; 86 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

"The lights are actually bright red and not yeallowish as in the picture
The installation was a piece of cake!
The backup lights and stop lights are so bright!
I couldn't be happier."


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