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911 Rear Turnsignal PCB Installation Instructions

The boards are plug-n-play.

  1. Remove lens;

  2. Remove bulb and clean socket; LEDs draw a lot less current and may not break through oxidation on the socket;

  3. Loosen the 4 screws so the pins on the pinch clips are flush with the board.

  4. Plug the board's pigtail into the socket;

  5. Test the lights to make sure the socket is making good contact; Wiggle the wire; If the LEDs flicker, clean the socket again.

  6. Install the board in the cavity; Holding the board with the loose wire grip, work the PCB into the cavity making sure the pinch clips clear the sides of the cavity.

  7. Try to seat the PCB evenly in the opening from front to rear and top to bottom.

  8. Tighten screws to set the board in place

  9. Replace lens.

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