914 '70-'74 Round Foglight Installation Instructions




  • The foglight will be delivered ready to be installed.

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  • The original bulb socket is removed by loosening the small straight screw holding the power wire.

  • Four crimp connectors are provided; only 2 are needed; 2 are extra in case anything goes wrong with the first set.

  • The crimp connectors are different:

    • The yellow connectors are for larger gauge wire and go on the driver side. The driver side of the 914 has 2 wires soldered together; one comes from the foglight relay in the cabin; the other wire goes over to the passenger side foglight.

    • The blue connectors are for the passenger side.

  • Crimp the yellow connector on the driver side and blue connector on the passenger side.

  • Remove the ground spade connector from the foglight fixture. Because the ground connector may be oxidized and quite difficult to remove like the one shown, DO NOT pull on the wire. Use a flat head screw driver and push the spade connector off of the ground tab on the fixture.

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IMG_20190729_194315793 (1024x576).jpg
  • Place the lens/bezel/foglight assembly on a chair or bucket as shown and connect the wires:

    • The red wire connects to the power spade connector

    • The brown wire connects to the ground spade connector

  • Test the foglight to make sure it powers up ok.

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IMG_20190729_200424944 (1024x576).jpg
  • Carefully install the lens/bezel/foglight assembly onto the rear of the fixture making sure the wires do not get pinched.

  • Replace the locking clip to hold the lens/bezel/foglight assembly on to the rear of the fixture.

  • Retest the foglight to make sure it works.

  • Because the LED foglight does not have a sharp upward light cutoff, it may be desirable to aim the foglight fixture 5 to 7.5 degrees downward.

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