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TR6 Reverse PCB Installation Instructions

The boards are plug-n-play.

1. Remove lens;

2. Remove bulb and disconnect socket from vehicle. LED boards will directly connect to the vehicle wire harness.

3. Remove 2 cap screws from rear of clamp plate. Slide wires out of clamp plate. Do not remove position frame from PCB. Note that position frames are mirrored; one for left side and one for right side although they are not marked R or L. Generally the right side will not fit in the left side and visa-versa.

4. Insert PCB and position frame into reverse light cavity.

5. From the rear, fish the wires into the clamp plate and install the clamp plate onto the position frame making sure the board is level with the fixture.

6. Connect the BLACK (negative) wire to one of the attachment posts.

7. Connect the RED (positive) wire to the reverse light wire in the vehicle.

8. Test the PCB. Check connections if LEDs do not light.

9. Replace lens.

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