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TR6 Brake PCB Installation Instructions

The boards are plug-n-play.

1. Remove lens;

2. Remove bulb and disconnect socket from vehicle. LED boards will directly connect to the vehicle wire harness.

3. Loosen the 2 cap head screws just enough so the clips can be rotated by 90 degrees. The clips need to be positioned like this to fit over the reflector.

4. Fish the wires into the hole where the socket would go.

5. Note the support rib of the reflector. The single forked clip will straddle this rib on the top of the reflector.

6. Insert the single forked clip between the fixture and the reflector. Make sure the fork is centered in the reflector.

7. With the bottom clips turned sideways, seat the PCB on the reflector.

8. Spin the bottom clips around and tighten the screws.

9. Adjust the board such that the cut-out for the lens mounting post is aligned with the mounting post boss.

10. Connect the BLACK (negative) wire to one of the attachment posts.

11. Connect the RED wire to the BRAKE light wire in the vehicle.

12. Connect the BROWN wire to the RUNNING light wire in the vehicle.

13. Test the PCB. Check connections if LEDs do not light.

14. Replace lens.

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