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Fits 911/930 Model Years 1974-1989

Includes 2 front sidemarker boards with ALL AMBER LEDs, attachment hardware, and allen wrench for installation. Board color is Black.


Designed as a sidemarker with a BA9 bulb base to plug into sidemarker socket. Wired to allow the sidemarker to double as a turnsignal. If the vehicle wiring is modified to provide turnsignal power to the sidemarker, an extra turnsignal wire is coiled behind the board to provide connection for the turnsignal power.

7x Brighter than standard sidemarker bulbs. Plug-n-play installation. Turnsignals: 5W power dissipation; Running Lights: 2W power dissipation.

911 Front Sidemarker Boards (pair)

  • All products are warranted for 1 year from purchase date. This includes manufacturing defects and component failure.

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