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Fits Porsche 914; all years

Replaces turnsignal bulb and sidemarker bulb. (Brake board is shown; Turnsignal board has sidemarker LEDs)

Includes 2 turnsignal boards. attachment clips, and screws for installation. Board color is WHITE.

LEDs are RED.


The sidemarker LEDs are RED color to be consistent with US DOT standards where the rear sidemarker should be red.


When changing to LED turnsignals, the flasher relay may not work correctly. To test your flasher, remove one of the front or rear turnsignal bulbs; start engine and activate that side turnsignal. Check for proper flashing (1 flash/sec) and that the indicator(s) in the tach are working correctly. If OK then your flasher is LED-compatible. If not, select a version of the EP26 on this page to match your tach arrangement (1 L/R indicator or separate L & R indicators).

914 Rear AMBER Turnsignals with WHITE PCB (pair)

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